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Depression Awareness

Singer/guitarist and songwriter Nax struggled with depression for over 20 years. He and his rockband The New Shining are committed to depression & mental illness awareness. By writing music he gives a voice to the invisibles, the people that struggle, suffer and fight courageously in silence.

Dark electro rock with real lyrics

The band describes its sound as dark electro rock with a lick of the 80s. Nax does not shy away from people having a peak into his soul: the songs are full of real, personal and challenging lyrics.

New album ‘Antidote’

The album is exclusively available in our webshop, both physical and in e-version (download).

On Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming media and in international shops like Amazon the album will be available from January 2022.

'Antidote' is the 7th studio album of this Dutch 3 piece band.

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